Joe Radinovich for Congress

Champion for working families looks to hold open seat in Democratic-leaning area

Joe Radinovich


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2018 Result: Radinovich loses by 5-point margin (50.7% to 45.2%)

Joe Radinovich is a former State Representative now running to keep a traditionally-blue Congressional district in Democratic hands. The seat is open because incumbent Rep. Rick Nolan lost an August Primary to be the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Minnesota; Radinovich was Nolan's campaign manager in his 2016 re-election effort.

Radinovich has strong personal connections to issues such as domestic violence and access to firearms; his mother was shot and killed by another family member when Radinovich was in high school. As documented on his campaign website, "It is an experience Joe describes as 'another story about a woman who had a different plan for her life than a man did.'"

Radinovich attended Macalester College in Minnesota for three years before returning to his hometown to join in a campaign seeking better salaries and benefits for rural teachers.

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Campaign Finance

Candidate Name

Joe Radinovich (D)

Peter Stauber (R)

Campaign Spending

Total Raised: $1,999K; Cash on Hand: 379K as of 10/17

Total Raised: $1,561K; Cash on Hand: 369K as of 10/17

Outside Spending

$1,118K Supporting; $665K opposing Stauber

$254K Supporting; $5,881K opposing Radinovich

Polling Results

Election Results


2016: D+0.06

2014: D+1.4

2012: D+9


2016: R+16

2012: D+5.5

2008: D+8.6



Minnesota's 8th Congressional District is in northeastern Minnesota, which includes the city of Duluth. The district has long been considered a Democratic stronghold, but Donald Trump won here by 16 points in 2016 and Democrats must defend an open seat in 2018.

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