Susan Wild

This newly-drawn district is the swingiest of swing seats in 2018

Susan Wild


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2018 Result: Wild wins by 10-point margin (53.4% to 43.5%)

Democrat Susan Wild is poised to break up the "all boys' club" in Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation. The first woman to serve as Allentown City Solicitor, Wild won a hotly contested Democratic Primary in May 2018 with 33% of the vote against 5 male challengers. Wild is seeking to become the first woman to represent the Lehigh Valley in Congress.

Wild received her undergraduate degree from American University and her JD from George Washington University Law School.

Republican candidate Marty Nothstein is a former Olympic medalist and a small business owner who is fully committed to an extreme right-wing agenda that includes gutting the Affordable Care Act, eliminating reproductive rights for women, and siding with the NRA in opposition to preventing gun violence. Nationally, Democrats must win this race in order to gain control of the House of Representatives.

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Campaign Finance

Candidate Name

Susan Wild (D)

Marty Nothstein (R)

Campaign Spending

Total Raised: $2,844K; Cash on Hand $518K (as of 10/17)

Total Rasied: $916K; Cash on Hand $250K (as of 10/17)

Outside Spending

Supporting: $465K; Opposing Northstein: $1,594K

Supporting:: $129K; Opposing Wild: $200K

Polling Results

Election Results

House (formerly PA-15) this a new district as of this cycle

2016: R+19

2014: R+24

2012: R+18.8


2016: D+2.3

2012: R+1.9

2008: D+3.4



The new 7th district is a swing seat in the truest sense (Hillary Clinton carried the district by 1 point in 2016). The old 15th district (the most analogous reference), which split the Lehigh Valley, was also a swing seat but was more favorable to Republicans than the new 7th, which encompasses Allentown and the surrounding areas. The retirement of moderate Republican Charlie Dent creates the swingiest open seat in Pennsylvania -- a seat that is absolutely critical to Democratic hopes of gaining a Congressional majority.

The district ncludes some Philadelphia suburbs and most of Delaware County. Several major colleges sit within the boundaries of the new PA-7, such as Villanova University and Penn State Brandywine. The district is also home to Boeing's helicopter factory in Ridley Park. This is an economically-diverse area, encompassing blue collar and working class communities in the southeast to the wealthy "Main Line" neighborhood in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties.

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