A Thoughtful Political Investment Strategy

Go with the 1-2 Leverage Strategy!

You are already a savvy financial investor.

You do your research, listen to the experts, keep your long-term goals in mind, and invest strategically to increase your investments with the highest ROI. You might even decide to invest only in companies that align with your social and political values. After all, smart investments in these values have proven to be important to portfolio performance over time.

Like the financial world, there is a wide range of political investments you could make. But unlike the financial world, there is little guidance on where your money would have the biggest impact toward maintaining and growing progressive economic, social, and political values. And rarely do donors have the opportunity to look at the universe of potential investments over time and deploy their resources strategically. 

We on the Left don't have the big money and the political machine behind us like the Right does with the Koch Brothers. So how can we succeed? By strategically investing our political donations. When we put our money where it will have the biggest social and political impact over time, we will reap the highest rewards. Just like we do with our financial investments.

What if you applied the same thoughtful and strategic investment strategy you use for your financial investments to your political donations? To do that, you need to look at your political donations as a long-term yearly investment in your and your children’s future. If enough of us did that, imagine the kind of results that we’d see.

But where do you start? With the same investment strategies you use for your financial investments.

That’s where Blue Impact Network comes in. The objective of Blue Impact is to bring more transparency to the political world and expose donors to a wider range of political investment opportunities that support objectives much like a financial advisor does. 

Blue Impact accomplishes this by hiring the best domain-specific political analysts and insiders. These experts have years of on-the-ground experience in their areas and know where the opportunities and threats are. We also work with the newer “resistance” groups to incorporate their valuable perspectives. 

For major impact, we recommend the "1-2 Leverage Strategy":

Blue Impact Network focuses on swing states that will determine the Presidency in 2020, and through re-districting, the composition of the U.S. House through 2030.

There are a number of small state-based organizations that work on media, voting, data, etc. across multiple election cycles. Their budgets are typically it the $1 million range, so a $1,000-$25,000 investment makes a significant difference. These groups also support multiple races in one state – leveraging their resources for maximum impact. By focusing your investments on one state, supporting both organizations and candidates, you can better leverage your political investments.

By employing a thoughtful investment strategy to your political donations, you have the opportunity to reverse the damage of the Trump administration and to ensure that we elect elect the right people who will influence the policies that you support. And that’s the highest ROI you can accomplish with your investment.

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