Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Backs Exxon Mobil in Climate Change Lawsuit

Republican Bill Schuette agrees that Climate Change is "unsettled science"

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette recently signed on to a court filing that calls Climate Change "unsettled science." Schuette is running against Democrat Gretchen Witmer in the Michigan Governor's race.

As Bridge Magazine reports:

The brief in an ongoing federal lawsuit involving ExxonMobil’s statements about climate change contends there’s disagreement about the “degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind,” and labels climate change an “unsettled area of science.”
“The debate concerning the scope and sources of climate change (is) still raging in scientific and public circles,” according to the Aug. 10 amicus brief from Schuette and 11 other Republican state attorneys general and governors seeking to advance the energy giant's arguments...
...The filing in the U.S. Court of Appeals was written by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and seeks to quash a probe into whether ExxonMobil broke laws by publicly downplaying the climate risks of burning oil and gas. The filing backs Exxon's lawsuit to block a demand by attorneys general in Massachusetts and New York for decades of internal records related to the company’s understanding of climate change.

Schuette has a long and troubling history of standing with fossil fuel companies and opposing efforts to clean up Michigan's air and water. In 2014, Schuette tried to block efforts to limit pollution from coal plants (including mercury and arsenic). He has also been a staunch opponent of the Clean Power Plan, which sought to lessen the negative climate impacts of coal-fired power plants.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Democrat Gretchen Witmer and help stop Schuette from taking over the top job in Michigan.

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