Women Lead the Way in Michigan Primary

Historic number of women candidates and heavy Democratic turnout in Michigan Primary Election

The Michigan Primary Election is in the books, and an early look at the numbers from Aug. 7 suggests growing momentum for Democrats heading into the fall.

Democratic voters turned out in significantly higher numbers compared to Michigan's last major Primary Election in 2010, driven by heavy turnout from urban/suburban communities and successful early engagement programs targeting mobilization and persuasion targets. Based on an analysis of prior election cycles and voter file projections, turnout had been estimated at 1.2-1.7 million voters; actual turnout surpassed 2.1 million voters, making it the largest August Primary turnout in nearly 40 years (click here to keep the momentum going in Michigan).

More than 200 women were on the ballot in various races throughout the state -- with the majority of them winning competitive primaries. Democrats will have an all-female lineup at the top of the ballot (US Senate, Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State) along with women candidates in 8 of the 14 congressional races (including Elissa Slotkin in MI-8). In the majority of these competitive elections, women Democratic candidates will be running against male Republican opponents.

The big name at the top of the ticket is former State Senate Leader Gretchen Whitmer, who captured more than 50% of the vote in a three-way race for Governor while winning every county in the state. Whitmer will face off against Republican Bill Schuette in a must-watch race for Governor (click here to support Whitmer). During the Primary Election, Schuette campaigned heavily on his support for President Trump's agenda.

Michigan Democrats also nominated Rashida Tlaib in a heavily-Democratic district in Detroit (MI-13); Tlaib is poised to become the first Muslim woman ever elected to Congress.

Democrats appear to have a great opportunity to make major changes in Michigan, with great candidates like Jocelyn Benson (Secretary of State), Megan Cavanaugh, and Sam Bagenstos. Michigan can also end decades of gerrymandering by passing Proposal 2, but it won't happen without your support.

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