Slotkin Featured on CNN Story About Call to Service After 9/11

Former CIA employee running for key Congressional seat in Michigan

On Tuesday CNN ran a story about Democratic candidates for Congress inspired to pursue public service after 9/11. Michigan Congressional candidate Elissa Slotkin is the first Democrat featured:

Before September 11, 2001, Elissa Slotkin was a 20-something graduate student at Columbia University with an interest in foreign affairs. After she watched the second plane hit the World Trade Center from a student lounge, her life's trajectory was changed forever: She changed her course of study, later met with recruiters from the CIA and signed up for a job that would take her on three tours of Iraq during the War on Terror.
Slotkin, 17 years removed from that fateful day, is now running for Congress, one of a handful of Democratic veterans and service candidates carrying the party's mantle in a host of competitive midterm races who trace their service back to what they saw and felt on September 11.
"I did not go into graduate school thinking I would choose national service as a career," she said, reflecting on what was her second day at Columbia. "By the end of that day, I knew national service was what I was going to do."
Candidates like Slotkin represent a generation of political leaders shaped by the September 11 attacks. These candidates, propelled to service by a sense of duty, anger and resolve, are now putting their military service at the forefront of their campaigns and rewriting the way Democrats talk about the War on Terror.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Slotkin and to find out how you can help her candidacy.

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