There is No "Next Week"

Voters are starting to cast their ballots, so donate now!

The General Election doesn’t end until November 6, but voters all over the country are already casting ballots. Early and absentee voting began this week in California, Florida, and Ohio. Early voting in Minnesota started weeks ago.

If you haven’t visited donated to one of our suggested low-dollar, high-impact campaigns, now is the time. If you’ve donated before, do it again. Candidates and organizations need money NOW in order to reach out to voters before they cast their ballots. There is no "next week" anymore.

Candidates running in top-tier federal races have the resources they need to win in November. It’s the lesser-known campaigns that need your support. This is why we created Blue Impact Network – to find the important races around the country that could swing toward Democrats with a few strategic investments.

If we’re going to get rid of President Trump in 2020, we’re going to need people like Anita Earls (North Carolina State Supreme Court, top right), Kathleen Clyde (Ohio Secretary of State, top left), and Jocelyn Benson (Michigan Secretary of State, top center), all of whom will fight to protect voting rights in states that will be critical for Democrats in the next Presidential Election. A modest donation to these candidates in 2018 is also a lot more cost-effective than trying to outspend Republican obstruction efforts in 2020.

CLICK HERE to donate to Clyde and Benson. CLICK HERE to donate to Anita Earls.

We can't assume that a "blue wave" is going to sweep all of these Democrats into office. You don't want to look back and wish you did more when it mattered most.

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