Update on Tight Contests

Update (November 19): Cruz wins the race for State Senate following a recount.

Election officials in Florida started a recount over the weekend for three statewide races, including the close battle for Governor between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis. The recount for the Governor race and U.S. Senate in Florida has generated plenty of headlines around the country, but that's not the only recount involving Blue Impact Network candidates.

The race for a State Senate seat in the Tampa Bay area is also still undecided. Democrat Janet Cruz (pictured) declared victory two days after the election, but the final margin was close enough to trigger a recount. As Florida Politics reports:

Democrat Janet Cruz holds a 376-vote lead over Republican state Sen. Dana Young with all votes counted in Florida Senate District 18...
...Florida law calls for a machine recount if the difference between vote totals for candidates falls with 0.5 percent. If the margin there remains within 0.25 percent, a manual recount must take place.
The margin in District 18 comes in 0.18 percent.

Another Blue Impact candidate has eked out a narrow win in a State Senate race in Pennsylvania but is facing a new challenge. Democrat Lindsey Williams defeated Republican Jeremy Shaffer in SD-38 by a margin of about 500 votes, but Republicans are now threatening to refuse to seat the winner because of questions about her residency requirements. A Republican lawsuit challenging Williams' residency was filed in October but was dismissed by a judge.

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