Who are Blue Impact’s Political Advisors and Sources?

We've hired the best minds in the business!

With so much data available at our fingertips, finding information is no longer a problem. Blue Impact focuses on actionable information.

No one person or group has the answers we seek, but we've compiled the best information available from a number of thoughtful people and organizations. We're not sharing the same spreadsheets that you could find with a simple Google search; we're passing along the next level of data and analysis from "resistance" organizations, political experts, and advisers to high net-worth individuals. Here are a few examples:

America Votes: This national group has been coordinating strategic voting programs for more than 800 organizations over the last 15 years. They know what works when it comes to voter turnout and will be recommending key programs with a strong track record of success.

Clarity Campaign Labs: Clarity are the “data gurus" who are experts in the political analytics business.

Future Strategies Inc: Future Strategies have worked on campaigns and Independent Expenditure efforts for the last 25 years. Their CEO, Frank Smith, works and consults with many progressive voting and activist organizations, as well as advising high net-worth political investors. Future Strategies will primarily advise Blue Impact on targeting specific Congressional races.

Flippable: Founded after the 2016 election, Flippable focuses on state legislative races. They had great success in 2017 in several state house races in Virginia.

State Experts: Blue Impact has employed political operatives in Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania who are at the center of the biggest political battles in their respective states. Our experts work directly with 10-50 organizations in each state; some of them are listed on our About Us page, while others prefer to keep a much lower profile.

Now that you know where we are coming from, help us get where we need to go. Check our U.S. House rundown or dig into our state-level recommendations and DONATE TODAY.

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