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Great Lakes Political Academy (GLPA)

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The next generation of political leaders in Michigan are learning how to campaign successfully at the Great Lakes Political Academy (GLPA).

The GLPA operates educational programs for progressive political activists throughout the state: A general program and a specialization program. The GLPA's general program is designed to prepare experienced rising campaign leaders to manage competitive campaigns. The specialization program focuses on specific campaign areas to prepare less-experienced individuals to excel in areas such as fundraising or field operations. With additional resources, GLPA will add weekend boot camps for voter persuasion and get out the vote programs.

The primary goal of GLPA is to build expertise for winning legislative races in Michigan, but graduates of the program have gone on to work for congressional and statewide campaigns, ballot initiatives, and other progressive organizations.

If Democrats are going to win in 2018 and 2020, we need the best trained people!


Statewide Program for Campaign Staff!

The GLPA trains 60 people from across the state to build successful campaign operations. The program is over subscribed and has to turn away qualified candidates!

Program Goals

Graduate 20 people from the full 9-month program; graduate an additional 30 people from the specialization program; ensure that all graduates are employed in campaign leadership positions.

Program Budget

A total 2017-18 budget of $45,000 covers food, meeting spaces, transportation costs, and stipends for alumni staff.

Sponsoring Organization

The Michigan Civic Action Fund supports the work of the GLPA.

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