Make the Road Action Pennsylvania

Door to door outreach in Latinx and minority communities

Huge minority outreach program in Pennsylvania

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Make the Road Action Pennsylvania (MRPA) is the largest Latinx organization in the state, focused on building political power for justice in Latinx communities, working class neighborhoods, and other communities of color. The organization plays a leading role in campaigns for immigration reform, a fair budget for education and human service programs, driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ rights, and the Fight for $15. With roughly 700 monthly participants, MRPA is effectively building political power by engaging thousands of Latino, immigrant, and African-American voters.

Eastern Pennsylvania Minority Outreach

Canvassing operation to promote progressive politics in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Program Budget

Make the Road Pennsylvania can target 50,000 minority households with a $250,000 budget.

Targeting Low-Income Minority Population

MRPA focuses its efforts on largely underserved working-class areas, specifically the Latinx community.

Program Goals

MRPA is targeting 50,000 households in Eastern Pennsylvania for a door-to-door campaign.

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